Morning Star and Evening Star

Song Release

‘Morning Star and Evening Star’ was written by Candace Kruger, a Yugambeh Yarrabilginngunn (songwoman) and indigenous ethnomusicologist from South-Eastern Queensland, along with co-writers Lann Levinge and Isobella Kruger.

The song is based on an Aboriginal narrative as told by Lottie Eaton (nee Levinge), who then shared it with her family members including Candace and Lann.

This song was commissioned by the Australian Music Examinations Board for use in the AMEB Online Orchestra 2021. Get involved in the AMEB Online Orchestra 2021:

Filming behind the scenes

‘Morning Star and Evening Star’ Creative Credits:

Narrative as told by Lottie Eaton.

Lyrics adapted by Candace Kruger {Kombumerri/Ngugi, Yugambeh/Quandamooka language regions).

Music: Candace Kruger, Isobella Kruger and Lann Levinge {Kombumerri/Ngugi, Yugambeh/Quandamooka language regions). © 2020

Performed by: Yugambeh Youth Choir

Choir Master: Candace Kruger

Commissioned by: Australian Music Examinations Board for use in the AMEB Online Orchestra 2021

Recorded at: Justice Drum Studio Engineer: Lann Levinge

Audio & Video Production: Levinge Events Pty Ltd and Justice Drum Studio

Choreography: Bianca Hayes, Bianca Hayes Dance Academy Artwork

Design: Paula Nihot, {Gamilaraay language region), adapted with permission from original artwork by Isabella Kruger, (Kombumerri/Ngugi, Yugambeh/Quandamooka language regions).

Elders Guidance: Graham Dillon, John Graham, Hazel Kennedy, Ian Levinge, Ray Levinge, Ivan Nott, Rose Nott, Patricia O’Connor, Ted Williams

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